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Health Benefits

This is not the first time that a scheme like this has been thought of. There have been various attempts in the UK that have failed because they have not been free to use. Of course, there are charity schemes for the needy, but there isn’t much in the way of mutual needs being served.

In the 1980s, a GP in Colorado in the USA realised that a large part of his time was not spent prescribing medicines, but providing more of a social service because of two types of people that came to his surgery. One group was elderly people who were lonely and found ailments to complain about. The other group of people was made up of young, struggling mothers, some of who even abused their children because of their situation. This doctor, called Richard cFarland, decided to join these two groups to see if they could alleviate each other’s loneliness. It worked! The elderly people didn’t need to come to the surgery to see a familiar face, and the young mothers stopped hitting their children. New and lasting relationships were created that improved mental health of everyone involved.

Now, your situation is probably nothing like the people in Colorado’s. However, this story alerted health professionals to the value of intergenerational relationships. It’s proven that it improves mental health, so whatever your situation, it will make your life better.

Heath Benefits