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What To Expect

What To Expect

All friendships are different, and you make your own rules in a friendship as you go along. Within the Adopt-a-Grandma framework, we suggest that you start off by meeting at regular spaced out intervals to become familiar with each other, and find out if you get along. We have two suggested basic rules that you can find by clicking ‘Rules’ above.

At Adopt-a-Grandma, we do not aim to find carers for the needy – we leave that to the experts. We connect people with a mutual need for inter-generational friendships to enrich lives. Where possible, like any other friendship, it’s a matter of give and take. If you are a mother and would like someone older than you to babysit occasionally, you can help the older person with errands. If you’re an older person and would like help putting up shelves, don’t forget to give back to the family in any way you can.

Your level of commitment is up to you – if you don’t think you have much time, it might just be nice to know someone else in the area on a casual basis. Nobody’s going to take over your life, but by joining in with this scheme, you are taking action in your own life.